Dr. Mickey Mehta’s 360°Wellness Temple

Dr. Mickey Mehta, an honorary double doctorate in Holistic Health and Life Sciences, from the Open International University for Complementary Medicines, has been a pioneer in promoting holistic health in India. He is also a leading social media influencer in the health and wellness space.
Dr. Mickey Mehta was awarded the Health and Wellness Icon of India by Economic Times, 2018 and is amongst the '100 Most Impactful Wellness Leaders of the World' announced at the Global Wellness Conclave 2018. Dr. Mickey Mehta has been awarded by the Rotary Club of India in its centenary year for his contribution in the field of Health & Wellness. He is the recipient of the 'Fit & Fab' Global Spa award 2019 as the Pioneer of Holistic Health & Wellness in India.
Wockhardt Foundation felicitated Dr. Mickey Mehta for his commendable work during the lockdown as a “Corona warrior”. Dr. Mickey Mehta has been appointed as the Go Green ambassador for the SBI Radio Mirchi.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Health Beyond Fitness

Dr. Mickey Mehta has participated in Marathons across 15 cities. He has been invited as a speaker at Harvard University, IIMs, IIT, and other prominent universities. He was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Speaking Tree (TOI) spiritual retreat in Cambodia. He has been invited to many medical conferences and high-profile literary festivals including the Times Litfest 2018. He has also held holistic health workshops in the USA, Oman, Thailand, Hong Kong, UAE, Turkey, and Sri Lanka.
In association with Maharashtra Prison Development, Dr. Mickey Mehta had conducted the HEAL-THY Prison program, which provided a transformative guide to living for inmates at Arthur Road Jail. He has also conducted comprehensive programs for the Maharashtra State police academy, Nashik. He has addressed the Brahmakumari National Conference in Mount Abu which had close to 10,000 attendees on the subject 'Iccha Mrityu'.
Dr. Mickey Mehta, is the author, poet, philosopher, the brand and the institution, who gets you Energized, Naturalized, Optimized, Maximized, Wellness Revolutionized, and most importantly he gets you MICKEYMIZED!!!

World Wellness Wonders

Adamo The Village, A Wellness Retreat & Spa is an integrated wellness destination. We aim to make your life more fruitful with your conscious intervention. Build a new memory over an old one, replace a new functionality over an old one and constantly revitalize, reenergize and cellularly regenerate your belief. Our wellness world spans nutrition, spa therapies, and functional fitness programs to cosset and enhance you, while you indulge in the lap of nature.
Dr. Mickey Mehta - Global leading holistic health guru & corporate life coach, through his various therapies, helps you strengthen the relationship between sound nutrition and the smooth functioning of the body. Through these therapies, we help you coalesce your body, mind, and soul and return as a renewed individual. We recognize the body as the formal expression of one’s physiological development and the mind as one’s personal spiritual journey. New sciences like epigenetics, trans epigenetic reset, neuroplasticity, mind-gut access, the science of telomere, the science of microbiota, are the sciences that revalidate the old established wisdom of Ayurveda. You can live disease-free forever and only let go of your breath at will. What moves forward can certainly go backward. You can reverse your biological aging. Our intention is good enough to begin the change. If change is constant, we can be the choreographer of the change.

Dr. Mickey Mehta

Let Wellness Be The Religion No. 1.


Plug out of the machine and plug into your heart.


Let wellness be religion number 1.


Wellness revolution for human evolution.


Go green, get naturalized, get revolutionized, get Mickeymized!!!


Dr. Mickey Mehta - Global leading holistic health guru & corporate life coach says sleep every night with a wish to heal yourself and wake up every morning with a promise to heal the world.

Mickey Mehta’s “Wellness Program”

Dr. Mickey Mehta - A global leading holistic health guru & corporate life coach, designs various wellness programs keeping in mind the different needs of individuals. He not only aims to help improve an individual’s immunity but also caters to individual health issues. Different programmes will take care of different needs of one’s body, by giving customized care to the individual's body.

Mickey Mehta’s “YO workouts” - Yoga in poetry.

The term YO is derived from yoga. One of the building blocks of Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “YO workouts” is the principle of conserving and preserving energy through intermittent intensity exercises as opposed to over expending energy as is the case in regular workouts. It is an exercise format based on overall wellness with its core principle being that of intermittent intensity and submaximal capacity and resistance offered to the body. This form of training scientifically recruits maximum muscle groups to deliver a superior workout by allowing one muscle group to rest while the other is being worked on. It also includes variations of yoga postures and breathing techniques to align the physical body with the spiritual body, thereby, making it a holistic exercise experience.

The primary focus of Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “YO workouts” is addressing your subtle body and using it as a trigger point for physical transformation. Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “YO workouts” are more of a culture in many senses than just a workout routine. Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “YO workouts” also work on the principles of ‘Go Green’ and ‘HI’. Here, the term ‘Go Green’ is used because these workouts are total ‘equipment free and environmentally friendly”, whereas the term ‘HI’ stands for ‘Human Intelligence’. In this workout, the human mind trains the whole human body.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “YO workouts” emphasize the fact that exercise should be a celebration and not a punishment or chore. It should be something you must be looking forward to as it ignites the creative potential within each one of you through the release of hormones throughout the body. It helps annihilate the ego and leads you on the path of self-discovery.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “YO workouts” are performed in many forms, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Stretch YO: It includes postures and asanas to purify the body, regulate breathing and improve flexibility.

  • Flow YO: It is a series of synchronized rhythmic movements which awaken and energize the body.

  • Card YO: It improves cardiovascular and muscular endurance by boosting metabolism and encouraging weight loss.

  • Cross YO: It is a combination of moderate-intensity exercises to strengthen and tone the body.

  • Strength YO: It improves muscular-skeletal health and improves bone density.

  • Ab YO: It strengthens the core, creating a superior constitution.

  • Cool YO: They are exercises to allow the body to gradually transition back to a near resting state thereby improving recovery.

  • Recreational fun YO: These workouts include yoga asanas with interwoven Zen, Tao, Tantra, Ved, Greek, and many more philosophies to develop holistic health systems to self-heal, transform and transcend.

Also, a part of the programme is Nutri YO, which is a personalized nutritional program, designed by our qualified in-house nutritionist for improving immunity and lifestyle counseling. An important part of every class is acknowledging the power of silence and intention while living our lives with an attitude of gratitude. The celebration comes with gratitude whereas intention is that of evolution.
Silence develops willpower, strengthens our resolve, gives peace of mind, and helps to control anger and irritability. It is also useful for physical and mental healing. It brings serenity, calmness and leads to inner spiritual strength while orienting the mind and making the spirit buoyant.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “Moon Meditation”

Guided Moon Meditation is used to relax the body in different Savasana and Yoga Nidra. It helps the body to calm and fall into a deep sleep.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s

“Food for Gods”: This is a specially curated menu by Dr. Mickey Mehta which comprises healthy snacks and juices

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “Sunrise Meditation”:

Where healing focuses on mingling with the five elements, namely earth, water, fire, air, and space, and skillfully balancing them.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “Aqua Therapies / Pool Meditation”

This therapy uses a series of exercises such as walking in the water and meditation in the water. It helps to treat insomnia, anxiety, and all other psychological stresses, it also helps joints move better and for lymphatic drainage.
Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “Discourse, Shedding Inhibitions, Dance Therapy, Acupressure”

Discourse topics: Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “World Wellness Wonders”, “HEAL-THYSELF”, “Reverse Your Universe”, “Mind is Medicine“, “Determination to Destiny”, “Yoga Se Hoga”, “Immunity For Humanity”, “Healing For Ailing”.

The discourse would start with an introduction to the ladder of evolution, fitness, health, and wellness. Here, fitness is at the bottom of the pyramid, and well-being at the pinnacle. In today’s world, there is a need for Holistic Health for Wholesome Success by techniques of Breathing, Nutrition, Workouts, Meditation & Prayer, Dancing & Singing, and Laughter. The course also includes experiential mingling with elements of nature with healthy juices and snacks served specially curated by Dr. Mickey Mehta and chef, e.g.: Pomegranate juice shots with mint leaves.

  • Guided Moon Meditation: This will be at night with lights out and candlelit for profound relaxation of the mind, body & spirit.
  • Sunrise Meditation: Mingling with nature and aromatherapy by inhaling the fragrances of flowers and orange peels for the upliftment of moods and spirits.
  • Stepping Out In The Lawns: Lying flat facing the sky, initiating the feeling of the expanse of the infinity of the sky, breaking human mental boundaries for achievers to see no obstacles.
  • Smelling The Grass: Lying on the stomach & smelling the earth. Mingling with the elements to feel oneness with life for manifesting eternal energy.
  • Shedding Of Inhibitions: Group activities with partners engagement in pairs.
  • Emotional Catharsis: Screaming followed by laughing followed by singing, taking the emotions to the lowest consciously and then taking them to the highest point.
  • Aqua Therapy / Pool Meditation: Aqua Therapy will include walking and meditation in the water to treat insomnia, anxiety, and all other psychological stresses. There will also be a workout in water to help joints move better and for lymphatic drainage.
  • Creative Yoga: Creative Yoga is designed for soul leadership making them sharp, alert, astute, strong, energetic, agile.
  • Breathing Modalities: Sitting in Sukhasana & learning breathing modalities to cope with the challenges of the world for achievements in job roles, career challenges, relationship challenges at work, and personal relationship challenges.
  • Heightening Tactile Senses: With appreciation of flowers and feeling individual body parts, self-massage, self-help, and self-stimulation can be achieved.
  • Stir Your Soul: Karmic debt cleansing through introspection & retrospection. Navigating the past, accepting with the courage to take responsibility and confidence to take charge here onwards, deciphering Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Commandments of Wellness.


Dr. Mickey Mehta is renowned globally for his multiple concepts. To name a few, ”Be Stronger, Live Longer“and “Reverse Your Universe”.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “Be Stronger, Live Longer”

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “Be Stronger, Live Longer” programme is designed to help create magic in the lives of senior citizens. Reversing their age, alleviating their ailments, and bringing about radiance, vibrancy, and celebrations. Dr. Mickey Mehta - A global leading holistic health guru & corporate life coach, is a strong believer of the fact that life should not be lived by a number, life should be lived with a purpose, cause new objectives, and add value.
The programme is all about energizing the lungs, strengthening and conditioning the heart, improving the digestive system, improving growth hormones, cellular regeneration, and revitalizing energy at every level. The nervous system is sharpened up. Cognitive strengths improved, reflexes responses alertness all in place. A proper nutritional plan with a herbal natural nutritional supplementation, proper lifestyle, regulated breathing, laughter, singing, emotional catharsis, psychological equilibrium, education, enlightenment, etc. Multifaceted light activities with resistance, flexibility, and neuromotor exercises, aqua workouts are recommended to increase balance, agility, coordination, and gut. Meditation in combination with breathing techniques helps older adults to be agile and prevent falls which often lead to deteriorated health conditions.
This programme has various activities which would include walking in the pool, meditation in the pool, workout in the pool, learning swimming, fragrance therapy, visual therapy, breathing techniques, sound therapy, touch therapy, SPA, taste therapy, Ayurveda foods, pranayama, uplifting moods and getting them in high spirits to look forward with optimism and not looking behind with regret.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s “Reverse Your Universe”

Time and tide can consume you. Our consumption of time and tide determines a timeless and tideless living. This means not letting age catch up. Instead, witness a miraculous reversal of it, before your eyes, right under your nose. Disease and decay are not your destiny. It is the culmination of disease which is a culmination of your doing. We can reverse your aging by stalling the disease, stalling the decay, and healing the ailments by the behavior of choices. And your choices have to be as follows:

  • Conscious regulated breath and a plant-based diet.
  • Becoming more athletic, becoming more coordinated, improving strength, stamina coordination.
  • Make up your mind and body for everyday challenges.
  • Sunrise meditation, night starlit, sky meditation, stimulating of the senses through smelling flowers & fruits, visuals of environments with deep colors, sounds of chirping of the birds, ocean waves and experiencing the divine taste of exotic fruits like pomegranate, dates, litchis and other exotic fruits and lastly tactile sensitivity by partner massages & acupressure.
  • Anti-aging workouts on land and in the swimming pool.
  • A special Satvik menu would be designed in conjunction with the chef to work on the mind potential after cleansing it, regulating it & fortifying it.
  • Emotional catharsis with crying, screaming, followed by laughter, dancing & singing.
  • Work on heightening of senses through natural elements and then progressing into the science of prayer and meditation to charge up the etheric body to accomplish the mechanics of manifestation.
  • The science & philosophy of health, healing, ailment reversal, and age reversal.
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